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Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia is an Italian company, dealing with furniture

It was founded in 1979 and today it’s one of the world’s best furniture manufacturers with more than 2000 retailers based in the larger cities all over the globe.

The history of Cattelan Italia is linked to the one of a family, whose values are tradition, passion for creativity, and art.

It was founded by Giorgio Cattelan and his wife Silvia in 1979. The company has grown thanks to the innovative force of these two different characters, who nonetheless are focused on the ideas of industrialization, style and design, all based on craftsmanship.

During the 1990s, thanks to the dynamic nature of the son Paolo, the company started to export stylish and simple products, with a particular attention to details all over the world. This of course characterizes our “Made in Italy” credentials.

“We’re a company oriented to the future and we use technology in order to guarantee quality results to our customers”, stated Paolo Cattelan, who’s currently leading this prolific workshop of ideas and creativity, where history gives space to the future.

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