Arketipo Firenze

Call it bespoke or the place where things happens

When someone approaches us, it’s because they want a product that is made the Arketipo way. Te best in Florentine textile construction; it always starts with our customers, and how we deliver what they desire. Our products are more than products, they are blueprints; ideas on paper that come to life with each and every iteration. We’re a design company first and foremost, this allows us to play with ideas and understand what is achievable and what brings out your own distinctive stle in every piece created. From the subtle to the bold, whatever your tastes, it renders us unique by not just being a company, but a group of people that can facilitate what you truly desire. Colours, sensations, materials, memories; they all mater, they all bring purpose to each and every design. Our ethos is about experimenting, finding new and unique ways and bringing that to a forum where everyone has input; libert to express themselves and their ideas. You could call it bespoke, we like to think of it as bringing out the real individual stle that each and everyone of us holds inside.


Lorenzo Catelan — CEO